At Dock 312 we believe that there are certain key elements of object design that are of the utmost concern to the modern individual.  Namely, that a design ought to be: 1) economical, 2) eco-friendly, 3) elegant and 4) functional.  It should reflect the taste, character and immediacy of the time in which it was created yet borrow inspiration and wisdom from designs and/or concepts that are timeless.  It ought to make the greatest use of the fewest resources.  It ought to be an object of beauty.  It ought to inspire yet retain its usefulness.

Dock 312 is comprised of a team of both young and veteran designers based out of Chicago, IL that aim to create objects which are born of the aforementioned elements and make them available to any individual that appreciates their inherent value.
Basically, we're excited about great designs! We hope our passion for what we do comes through in the pieces we produce and we hope to continue to challenge ourselves and others in order to bring to you the best that contemporary, affordable furniture design has to offer.


DOCK 312 was born from the collaborative energy, stemming spontaneously from a diverse group furniture designers at the Lee Weitzman Furniture design studio here in Chicago in 2014.  At first, DOCK 312 was just a weekend project that we fit in when we weren't working on our long-standing custom furniture business, but as our designs started to take shape and eventually become reality we were able to shift more and more focus towards our new venture.

Together we set out to create pieces that were eye-catching, could ship flat, be easy assembled by the customer and, above all, be sustainably conscious.  The end result was the ARTESIAN collection of end tables.  A design theme that fit our standards of ascetic, function and sustainability.  The ARTESIAN line is one of the many we aim to make available through our online shop and other retailers of design-forward furniture across the world.